2012 Seminar Archive

Videos: 2012 Seminar Archive

S2 - Exposure vs Viewership - Audience Reporting Standards and Best Practices

This session explores the relationship between exposure to digital out-of-home (DOOH) video displays and active viewership of the content and ads. It examines current accepted reporting standards for OOH digital network audiences and compares these standards to traditional print and broadcast media ratings.

S3 - Agency Perspective - How We Value Digital Place-based Networks

This presentation will walk the audience through the criteria and considerations that out-of-home (OOH) media buying agencies use to evaluate digital place-based networks. We also will highlight key factors that drive pricing for the category and how agencies determine fair market value for this unique media segment.

S4 – How to Source Content for Your Digital Signage Network

Successful digital signage networks in venues such as retail, education, medical and corporate communication are leveraging content sources to provide engaging content that attracts viewership. Learn how to source content for your network and best practices for implementation.

S6 - Creating a Multi-Screen Strategy - Connecting Digital Signage to What Matters

This session will explore why we should connect content that really matters from the display to your mobile device. We will discuss examples of the use of smartphones and tablets to capture information from large screen displays, including the use of QR codes and other new interactive tools.

S7 - Video Wall Technologies - Understanding the Choices

This session will begin with an overview of the available technologies in tiled displays, from hardware-based processors to software-based processors to the use of digital signage software in place of a processor, as well as a brief look at the developments in video wall displays. This will be followed by a panel discussion to answer your questions about video wall technologies and deployment.


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