2012 Seminar Archive

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S14 - The Power of Interactive - From Drawing Crowds to Engaging Individuals

Learn how one digital agency is challenging conventional billboard wisdom by designing immersive experiences that draw crowds outside American Eagle/77 Kids, Forever21 and Quiksilver in Times Square. In contrast to using interactive technology to draw crowds, another presentation will show how a successful deployment can drive an individual to act when making purchasing or communication decisions.

S15 - Digital Signage in the Cloud

This session will explain the different types of cloud offerings, when and where the cloud makes sense, and the various network topologies required to support cloud and on-premise applications.

S16 - Digital Menu Boards in QSR - Why Now

In this session, an experienced end-user of digital signage in the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) space will share his hard-earned lessons and compelling results after converting to an all-digital solution of indoor and outdoor menu boards. In addition, the operator of a nationwide QSR franchise will address the implications of the new federal nutritional information guidelines on menu board content design.

S17 - Key Considerations for Successful Digital Signage Project Execution

The presentations in this session will walk newcomers through a process that helps them discover their objectives, identify partnerships required and set themselves up for a successful project execution.

S18 - National Regional and Hyper-Local Advertising - What is the Optimal Mix and Strategy to Implement

This presentation is designed to describe the benefits, approaches and strategies to achieve success at each of the three levels of advertising available to digital out-of-home network operators (national/regional/hyper-local).


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