2012 Seminar Archive

Videos: 2012 Seminar Archive

S19 - Refuse Standards and Fight Formats - Secrets to Better DOOH Campaigns

Discover the secrets of what works and what flops in digital ads, and join a creative brainstorming for the gold-standard campaigns of tomorrow.

S21 - Building and Staffing a Digital Signage Team

The team that builds and manages a digital signage network is vital to its success. In today's market, team activities can be conducted in-house, outsourced to other parties or a combination of both.

S22 - Interactive Shoot-out - Digital Convergence Fact vs Fiction

Join two recognized experts on digital convergence for a no-holds-barred debate on the integration of interactive, social and mobile technologies with digital signage.

S23 - Evolution or Revolution - The Changing Face of Small Screen Digital Signage

This seminar will explore the technologies, content, interactivity and applications using small screens and portable devices.

S24 - Content Strategies for Workplace Digital Signage

This session focuses on the power of visual communication in the workplace, offering specific strategies for engaging employees with content that is fresh, varied, balanced, and most of all, effective at reinforcing critical workplace topics.


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