2012 Seminar Archive

Videos: 2012 Seminar Archive

S25 - Everything You Need to Know About Making Digital Signage Content

Covering several years of past research and analysis, this insightful presentation will highlight the most essential do's and don'ts of making effective digital signage content that viewers will look at and remember.

S26 - Narrowcasting to 150 Million Shoppers per Week

This presentation will explore the myriad uses and implications of the hyper-targeting that's key to the Walmart Smart Network, delving into business case studies as well as the mechanics of programming using multiple target lists.

S27 - Cross-Channel Integration - Integrating Digital Signage Into a Single Holistic Digital Communication Solution

This presentation will outline a case study/vignette to show how to achieve holistic digital marketing solutions that bring together digital signage, mobile, online (email, social networks, etc.), broadcast and print strategies.

S30 - How to Generate Greater Revenue With Interactive Technology

This session identifies how to use new interactive technologies and mobile strategies to impact the decision-making process, and ultimately increase product selection decisions at the point-of-purchase.

S31 - Video Signals and Distribution Demystified

Designed to help demystify the world of video signals, this seminar will begin with the basics of transmitting and displaying HD video.


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