3M and Cambrios Produce Flexible Silver Nanowire Film for Touch Screens

December 24, 2013

The film can support touch screens for phones and tablets, as well as large format touch screens for applications such as digital signage and gaming.

3M announces the launch of a new touch sensor film, 3M Patterned Silver Nanowire Film, that combines the expertise of two technology and manufacturing companies to provide the quality, unique attributes and volume that touch screen manufacturers demand.

M plans to ramp up its total global touch sensor film manufacturing capacity to more than 600,000 square meters per month in 2014, which includes 3M Patterned Silver Nanowire Touch Sensor Film, 3M Patterned Metal Mesh Touch Sensor Film and 3M Advanced ITO Touch Sensor Film. This capacity will help support the growing demand for touch-enabled consumer devices such as tablets, laptops, all-in-ones (AIO) and monitors as well as commercial displays used for digital signage and gaming.

The 3M Patterned Silver Nanowire consists of conductors made of Cambrios' silver nanowire ink which is micro-patterned by 3M on a polyester (PET) film substrate. The material is highly transparent with a target transmittance of greater than 89 percent and exhibits good optical clarity and low haze. Sheet resistance can be customized with targeted coated sheet resistances ranging from 45 to 100 ohms per square, providing fast response time for a pleasing end-customer experience.

The film can support touch screens with diagonal sizes suitable for phones and tablets, as well as large area touch screens over 46 inches (diagonal) for applications such as digital signage and gaming. Unlike ITO products, the flexible silver nanowire material can conform to angles and rounded surfaces, eliminating many design constraints and enabling next-generation curved and rollable touch sensors.

"3M's expertise in optical films and Cambrios' technology in silver nanowire inks are combining to create a product that will enable new design possibilities, such as curved or wrapped bezel displays, for our customers," said Voyl Divljakovic, vice president and general manager, 3M Electronic Solutions Division, Austin, Texas.

"Our collaboration with 3M, together with their broad portfolio of products designed with ClearOhm inks, extends our customer base in both established and emerging markets worldwide," said John LeMoncheck, president and CEO, Cambrios Technologies Corp., Sunnyvale, Calif. "Through this partnership, global OEMs, ODMs and touch sensor manufacturers will now have access to our silver nanowire-based transparent conductors for a variety of high volume applications.

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