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Digital Connect to offer manufacturers retailers digital technologies

SVM, Piranha Create 'Digital Connect'

Digital Connect aims to offer manufacturers and retailers digital technologies such as digital signage.

Digital Place-based Ad Summit

DSE's third annual Digital Place-based Advertising Summit, sponsored by The Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA), is designed to help marketers and agencies understand the place-based media opportunity and exactly how to play to win.

S3 - Agency Perspective - How We Value Digital Place-based Networks

This presentation will walk the audience through the criteria and considerations that out-of-home (OOH) media buying agencies use to evaluate digital place-based networks. We also will highlight key factors that drive pricing for the category and how agencies determine fair market value for this unique media segment.

S11 - Mobile Campaign Integration With DOOH

Social, location and mobile are all interrelated and each plays a role in how you engage with those watching your screens. As a simple texting campaign can provide a greater reach and response rate than NFC, QR Codes or a social campaign, this session will explore why we are so fixated on these new technologies and offer insights into how to choose the best medium for the campaign.

S19 - Refuse Standards and Fight Formats - Secrets to Better DOOH Campaigns

Discover the secrets of what works and what flops in digital ads, and join a creative brainstorming for the gold-standard campaigns of tomorrow.


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