Barco Launches 58-inch 4K Medical Display

May 2, 2014

The 58-inch surgical display features a reduced bezel size, delivering a larger screen size within the same overall physical size as its predecessor.

Healthcare imaging specialist Barco announced the launch of its MDSC-8258, a 58-inch surgical display designed for 4K imaging in hybrid operating rooms and interventional suites. The MDSC-8258 is equipped with a high-bright, low-power LED backlight and delivers eight megapixels of DICOM-compliant images on a single screen.

“Surgical teams are faced with a growing need for imaging solutions that centralize all critical information on one screen and make it visible to everyone in the room,” Johan Stockman, Barco’s vice president of strategic marketing surgical imaging, said. “The MDSC-8258’s large and ultra-high definition LCD screen offers a more efficient and flexible alternative to individual multi-monitor configurations deployed in interventional environments.”

The MDSC-8258 replaces Barco’s MDSC-8156 to offer a larger screen size, higher brightness (700 cd/m²), and a greatly improved contrast ratio (4000:1). It provides surgeons and clinical staff with accurate, artifact-free medical images — including interventional x-ray, endoscopic video, patient monitoring, surgery information and patient data — that allow for better, more informed decisions for efficient procedures, the company said.

The MDSC-8258 features a mercury-free, low-power LED backlight, delivering high brightness combined with a longer lifetime. With a reduced bezel size, the new 58-inch display delivers a larger screen size within the same overall physical size as its smaller 56-inch predecessor, allowing full compatibility with currently deployed mounting systems.

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