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Digital Signage with Facial Recognition in the Food Service Industry

May 27, 2015
Article By: Jesse Breidinger
Whether in restaurants and other types of food service locations, marketers face the challenge of creating a personalized experience across the wide variety of consumers that enter their venue.

Wandering Dog Appeals to Mall Shoppers

May 11, 2015
Article By: Chris Brennaman
Using an RFID chip placed in leaflets handed out at the mall, Barley — a dog up for adoption by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home — followed shoppers around like, well, a lost dog.

Installation of the Week: Mid-Air Projection Brings Handicap Parking Spaces to Life

May 6, 2015
Article By: Chris Brennaman
A non-profit organization in Russia recently launched an interactive campaign to discourage drivers from illegally parking in the reserved spaces.

Finding the Perfect Match: Choosing a CMS Provider

April 29, 2015
Article By: Margot Myers
With an estimated 250 to 600 digital signage content management software providers, where do end users start when trying to decide which CMS is right for their network?


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