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Netflix Campaign in France Incorporates Animated GIFs

November 23, 2014
Article By: Chris Brennaman
As the most popular GIFs come from television shows or movies, it’s only fitting that Netflix would incorporate these animated images into one of its campaigns.

Maximizing Your DSE Attendance

November 21, 2014
Article By: Richard Lebovitz
Thoughtful preparation for DSE 2015 will equip you with the solid information you need to launch, expand or update your digital signage network.

Installation of the Week: DreamWorks' DreamPlace Santa Adventure

November 20, 2014
Article By: Richard Lebovitz
This interactive installation embodies DreamWorks' distinctive blend of technology and storytelling for a next generation holiday experience.

Ask the Board: Working with Advertising Agencies

November 17, 2014
What services should an advertising agency be able to offer to ensure that all communications are coordinated and that the client involves the agency in the process?

Ask the Board: Total Cost of Ownership

November 10, 2014
What are the key considerations that systems integrators and installers should review with their customers regarding total cost of ownership, to ensure that there are no surprises?

Razorfish Sets Up Virtual Staring Contest in London for Alcon

November 6, 2014
Article By: Chris Brennaman
The digital out-of-home advertising campaign encourages passersby to have a stare-off with a pre-recorded opponent.


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