January 7, 2013
Article By: Brent Adams

With Digital Signage Expo 2013 coming around the corner sooner than one would think, Jim Vair, vice president of business development at Capital Networks, touts the annual trade show as the premier place for education on the digital out-of-home industry as well as a place to conduct conversations, share new ideas and create strategic partnerships each year.

In this 4-minute video from DSE 2012, the software content management platform solution firm's VP agrees with other experts that the industry is in an in-between stage, its adolescence; but that there is real, significant progress every year.

Vair also said his company was attempting to develop an Android-based operating system, which he said would bring about real advancement in industry through more channels and exposure (such as social media). He added that as digital signage sees a better price point, there is an opportunity for end-users (such as retail stores) to install more screens.

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