November 27, 2012
Article By: Brent Adams

We're receiving word that Casio is entering into the digital signage industry. From ABS-CBN

Casio Computer Co. said Monday it will enter the digital signage market by launching a small projector with a built-in screen in the shape of a person or character that can be set up in front of stores as an advertising tool to attract customers in January 2013.

Casio will sell the projector to target supermarkets, convenience stores and restaurants.

The custom-made screen, in such shapes as a cook, sales clerk and other characters depending on the business, can show moving images of the characters to draw customers' attention by talking directly to them, Casio says.

The projector is 47 centimeters in width, 54 centimeters in length, and up to 57 centimeters in height, including its screen. Because of its compact size, it is suitable to be put in the front of stores, Casio said.

And from

The compact device combines commercial projection technology and a screen and can be placed in a tiny space.

When video is projected from the back of a screen shaped like a store's character, the character will look as if it is speaking, Casio says.

Using lasers and LEDs, the sign boasts 20,000 hours of lighting, or 10 times that of conventional mercury-containing lamps, the company says.

This is what the product is purported to look like:

Projection has always been an interesting side to digital signage, and Casio's entering of the market should make things — especially this technology — even more interesting. What are your thoughts?

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