Cisco Smart+Connected Community to Include Digital Signage

November 13, 2012

Digital signs will help with communication in green city.

Cisco and Lake Nona announced a strategic engagement through which Cisco has been appointed as the lead partner for Information and Communications Technology planning for Lake Nona — a 7,000-acre master planned community within the city limits of Orlando, Fla., being developed by private investment organization Tavistock Group.

This development makes Lake Nona one of nine global Iconic Cisco Smart+Connected cities in the world and the first in the U.S. Cisco will work with Lake Nona over the next 15 years to build out Smart+Connected Communities solutions, including Smart Work Centers, and Innovation and Incubation Centers.

Cisco is collaborating with Lake Nona on a number of key initiatives aimed at advancing the community's vision of becoming a global model and standard for sustainable urban development. Conceived to be an integrated city for working, living, learning and playing, Lake Nona will be home to world-class education, recreational facilities, a medical city, diverse workspaces, retail centers, entertainment choices and residential options. Situated adjacent to the Orlando International Airport, Lake Nona will have the characteristics of an "Aerotropolis" with the ability to more easily connect workers, suppliers, executives and goods to the global marketplace.

Working with Cisco and Cisco registered partner Dais, Lake Nona plans to integrate the latest networking technologies and digital infrastructure design to enrich the experience for more than 25,000 planned residents, tens of thousands of on-site employees and countless visitors. Pursuant to the proposals, Lake Nona will significantly expand its current IP-enabled smart services to deliver hundreds of additional services such as Smart Work Centers, intelligent buildings, a virtual safe community and unified lifelong health care delivery, learning and education.

Cisco will help transform all Lake Nona projects into connected sustainable communities using the intelligent network as the platform. Residents, workers and visitors will experience urban services that provide enhanced living standards and Lake Nona can drive additional revenue by monetizing technology-led service offerings.

Technology solutions, such as integrated data and voice and wireless services, fiber to the home, digital signage, common area IP video surveillance, energy management systems, unified communications, video and collaboration will deliver more than 20 smart services across the entire Lake Nona community. An integrated urban plan will enable information exchange between services, fulfilling the need for increased security, energy conservation, enhanced productivity and digital lifestyle.

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