Citi Performing Arts Center Selects Aerva to Drive Digital Screen Network Citi

December 14, 2012

Center is guardian of historic venues — the Wang, Shubert and Emerson Colonial theaters.

Citi Performing Arts Center — one of the nation's foremost nonprofit performing arts institutions — has announced it has selected Aerva to drive its digital out-of-home network.

As guardian of historic venues — the Wang, Shubert and Emerson Colonial theaters — Citi Performing Arts Center is the heart of Boston's Theater District.

To broadcast information about the performances on their stages and add vibrancy to the area, the Citi Center has invested in state of the art digital assets. These include 13 interactive displays throughout their campus including two digital marquees, 10 indoor digital displays and 1 outdoor display.

Originally, the center's staff had to log into five different signage systems to manage daily content changes. These systems varied in support for Web-based access and file types, making the process very time consuming.

As programming expanded and new venues were added, Citi Performing Arts Center staff knew it needed a more comprehensive system, exhaustively researching and evaluating available marketplace software systems. Ultimately, Aerva outperformed based on many criteria and was selected as the best integrated solution for all the screens.

Aerva is a technology company that enables real-time interactivity between mobile, social media applications and digital display networks (outdoor, place-based or enterprise). Aerva platforms offer a suite of software and services for creating, managing, delivering compelling content and experiences across digital media channels.

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