Digital Signage Fundamentals

Videos: Digital Signage Fundamentals

S1 - Introduction to Digital Signage - A Roadmap for Success

In this session, you will learn how to determine and plan the most effective digital signage solution for your goals, including key factors of success, avoiding common pitfalls, how to test the viability of digital signage as a powerful marketing tool and win vendor support for media dollars, and how to communicate the value of paid vendor participation.

S9 - Emerging Digital Media Trends

Learn how and where emerging technologies and digital media opportunities are trending. Hear how business intelligence and data analytics are changing decision making in real-time. View successful integrations of mobile, RFID and other new "in-store" technologies. Open your mind to the opportunities provided via multi-touch screens.

S17 - Key Considerations for Successful Digital Signage Project Execution

The presentations in this session will walk newcomers through a process that helps them discover their objectives, identify partnerships required and set themselves up for a successful project execution.

S25 - Everything You Need to Know About Making Digital Signage Content

Covering several years of past research and analysis, this insightful presentation will highlight the most essential do's and don'ts of making effective digital signage content that viewers will look at and remember.

Deployment and Operation: Lessons Learned - Part 1

Listen to speakers Loren Goldfarb of Everwell/MediVista Media and Blake Reeves of Capital Networks in part one of this session from DSE 2011.


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