Digital Signage, Mobile Marketing Campaign Offered by The Hispanic 3D Ad Network

November 27, 2012

9D Media only digital out-of-home company offering glasses-free 3-D focused on Hispanic consumers.

The Hispanic 3D Ad Network is offering advertisers a chance in the first quarter 2013 to test drive a 100 percent traceable interactive national 3-D ad campaign that includes mobile marketing and 3-D production at a very low rate — for as little as $16,000.

Owned by Los Angeles-based 9D Media, The Hispanic 3D Ad Network is in the process of expanding to 4.5 million impressions by the end of February, 2013 when installation of screens in south Florida is projected to be complete. The network of glasses-free 3-D screens spanning from California to Florida currently delivers 3.7 million impressions per week.

"We're hoping advertisers will use this opportunity to experience the results that can be obtained when you mix together the power of glasses-free 3-D digital signage and mobile marketing, then get involved in our global social media promotional ramp up in May the includes a private jet flying around the world and a specific tour around Spain," said Joe Benites, CEO of 9D Media. "For companies that already have marketing or merchandising efforts taking place either inside or in the immediate vicinity of the stores where our screens are located, combining the 3-D visual and mobile marketing is a perfect one-two punch."

9D Media is the only digital out-of-home signage company in the world offering glasses-free 3-D advertising specifically focused at targeting the Hispanic consumer. Each member of the staff at 9D Media has extensive experience in the radio, television, movie or, online industry.

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