Digital Signage Provider StrandVision Extends Basic Subscription Package

January 2, 2013

Company moves from 80 hours a week to 24/7 operation.

Digital signage service provider StrandVision has extended its basic subscription package. For now on, customers can use the digital/Internet-based media player system 24/7, instead of only 80 hours per week.

Using signage software to integrate the process of communication with business partners is regarded as a professional ethic these days and companies that offer this service keep changing their modes frequently following the transformation in today's business world.

"Not all business owners are lucky to follow a particular schedule," said StrandVision owner Mike Strand. "Some work less while some others work for extended hours. Generally, we used to provide services to the companies that follow 10-to-5 schedule or similar timing. Then we decided that business owners working more than this regular timing should also get benefit using our digital signage software."

Subscribers of the basic package services will gain access to the content management portal of the company. Business administrators can also use the system to monitor the signage tool to use reports and to operate other administrative tools as well.

StrandVision is a Menomonie based company that offers Web-based digital signage software. It helps customers to get communicative contents on their computers. The company also provides weather news, graphic pages, video contents, etc.

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