November 12, 2012
Article By: Brent Adams

For West Virginia University's Spencer Graham, digital signage isn't just a way to communicate goings-on and other news with students, faculty and staff — digital signage is necessary to communicate instructions at a large campus with thousands of stakeholders in the event of an emergency.

Graham, the manager of operations at the WVU Information Stations, said one impetus to adopt digital signage was the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings. Graham also added in this 14-minute video interview from DSE 2012 that the hundreds of digital signs have saved the university tens of thousands of dollars when it comes to publishing information.

Graham said it has been advantageous for each school or college to run subject-specific messages on its digital signs while the entire university will display information on athletic or other entertainment events going on on-campus. To that end, the school recently also adopted a wayfinder and a large videowall — to welcome visitors and prospective students to campus and make their stay easier.

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