February 7, 2013
Article By: Brent Adams

I've mentioned before how some of these digital installations seem to be more art than they are signage; but this one … it just blows me away.

I'll let Aden Hepburn over at the Digital Buzz Blog describe it:

"From Digitalarti Labs comes this very cool Water Light Graffiti Installation. It’s basically an interactive surface made of tens of thousands of LED’s that are illuminated by the contact of water or moisture, meaning that you can draw with just about anything, water pistols, paint brushes, a wet hand or a moist cloth…

"The Water Light Graffiti Installation is a wall for created for ephemeral messages in the urban space without deterioration. A wall to communicate and share magically in the city, a place where this typically can not be achieved. Very cool work, I wish we’d see more installations like this!"

What do you think? Could the technology featured here be used in the future of typical digital signage?

— Sources: www.digitalarti.com


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