November 19, 2012
Article By: Brent Adams

Digital Signage Expo isn't just for end-users and network operators. Susan Danaher, head of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association, says she finds the yearly expo to be very rewarding and enriching during this six-minute interview conducted at DSE 2012.

The DPAA serves as a confederation of network operators, end users and others who are involved in digital place-based media, or screens that attempt to engage consumers during their dwell times. The DPAA aims to drive consistent growth in the medium. Danaher said that events such as DSE provide DPAA members and others involved in the industry the opportunity to connect and discuss ideas. To that end, Danaher pointed out that many of the speakers and seminar hosts are also DPAA members.

Danaher said she believes that digital place-based media is still in its earliest stages and, with such events as DSE, can soon grow and blossom into a force to be reckoned with in the advertising world. To that end, there must be a convergence of network operators and creative minds to deliver a clear, relevant message that provides context and drives consumers to action.

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