Dynamax Releases New White Paper, on Health Care Communications

December 11, 2012

"Digital Signage for Healthcare" puts the emphasis on cost reduction and patient satisfaction.

After publishing "Digital Signage for Hospitality" in July and a "Digital Signage Glossary" at the end of September, digital signage software provider Dynamax has completed its educational resource series with a new white paper that highlights the benefits of the system in a health care environment.

As cost reduction and patient satisfaction are the two mantras in health care these days, "Digital Signage for Healthcare" puts the emphasis on these two, explaining the connection between information, patient experience, results and funding.

Making reference to recent research conducted in the U.K. and announcements from Great Britain's National Health Service officials (i.e. the aim of reducing paper consumption and increasing IT investments), the paper explains why digital signs are a relevant choice now and in the future.

The 16-page document goes on by presenting the advantages of cloud-based digital signage systems without failing to mention their potential limitations and the strong points of their premise-based counterparties, letting the reader choose between the two. It also encourages readers to go beyond content and technology and see the grander scheme of things, the context — their audience's interests and the type of messages that allow them to meet their systems' goals.

The white paper proposes that health care institutions should set measurable objectives for their networks of displays such as sign up rates for advertised services, fewer complaints or lower print-related costs. They should regularly check if those are attained and adapt their strategy accordingly. Readers are encouraged to experiment with the technology and leverage the flexibility provided by digital signage software to test and see what content/timing/location combinations works best for them.

"Digital Signage for Healthcare" is available for download from http://www.digitalsignage.net/digital-signage-for-healthcare.

Dynamax Technologies is one of the longest-standing digital signage providers in the world, producing digital signage software solutions ranging from cost-effective entry-level applications through to enterprise-strength ones that are used to inform and entertain more than 30 million consumers every week, all around the globe.

digitalsignage.NET, Dynamax's cloud- based application, is the product of choice of leading British A/V companies, powering networks of screens small and large in a variety of locations across the U.K.

Dynamax has strong partnerships with major digital signage, information technology, and audio/visual hardware vendors, and important customer relationships with top-tier media owners, content providers, and corporations.

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