ExxonMobil Brings Upper Zakum Project to Life With Interactive Displays

November 4, 2013

HUSH utilizes MultiTouch's new Cornerstone 2 SDK to tell the real-time story of one of the world's largest oil fields.

MultiTouch Ltd. has announced the use of its interactive displays by HUSH, ExxonMobil's Design Agency, to present the history and plans for its Upper Zakum oil field project. HUSH selected MultiTouch's MultiTaction interactive touch displays for its Enriched Reality technology.

The Upper Zakum field is located about 50 miles northwest of Abu Dhabi and produces millions of barrels of oil daily. The interactive installation encapsulates the real-time technical nature of operations at Upper Zakum. New York-based design agency HUSH leveraged MultiTouch's new Cornerstone 2 SDK to develop the application to demonstrate environmental, financial and production insights about the project.

"We designed a visually-stimulating interactive installation to tell ExxonMobil's complex story in a very simple way," said Erik Karasyk, creative partner at HUSH. "Using MultiTouch's displays, we are able to provide optimum touch and object recognition for an intuitive user experience."

MultiTouch's new Cornerstone 2 SDK utilizes the scalability and advanced object tracking features of MultiTaction Cells. Then, with MultiTouch's Enriched Reality technology, users are able to move physical acrylic lenses across the display to access information on different locations of the oil field.

"The Upper Zakum project attests to the excellent standards of MultiTouch's Cornerstone 2 SDK," said Timo Korpela, general manager of Helsinki, Finland-based MultiTouch. "There are unlimited ways to use Enriched Reality in corporate communication, education and retail applications, but this stunning application will surely lead the way in terms of visual presentation."

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