Health Media Network Acquires WAMG TV, Reaches More Than 35,000 Doctors via Digital Signage

March 27, 2013

HMN now operates 25 condition-specific digital place-based point-of-care health networks.

U.S. digital place-based media company Health Media Network (HMN) has announced the acquisition of the WAMG TV's (Waiting Area Media Group) digital screens.

According to the company, which provides education and health content in physician waiting rooms, HMN's purchase of WAMG adds more than 1,500 physicians to HMN's growing network of 30,000+ high prescribing doctors.

"The acquisition of WAMG 's network will increase HMN's market share and continue to bolster our position as a leader in physician waiting room media programs," said Larry Newman, EVP, operations and business development at Stamford, Conn.-based HMN.

"This investment represents an important opportunity for HMN by increasing our presence in diabetes, cardiology and primary care where WAMG had focused their growth, " added Christopher Culver, president and CEO of HMN.

HMN recently announced that it had grown its network to more than 35,000 physicians. In addition to increasing its presence in the primary care, cardiology and diabetes markets, HMN also said it added two new condition-specific networks to its programming matrix: pain management (7,903 doctors) and plastic surgery (435 doctors), reinforcing its presence in the digital place-based point-of-care market with 25 condition-specific health networks. HMN claimed that it continues to be the leader in differentiated networks within the industry.

HMN said it is now able to offer advertisers, managers of direct-to-consumer (DTC) and over-the-counter (OTC) brands a marked increase in reach, impressions and ROI to an even more highly-targeted consumer audience at a time when they are most receptive to communications — in the physician's waiting room. All HMN programming is compliant with pharmaceutical and CPG advertising standards and is available at no cost to physicians.

"HMN continues to validate its commitment to being the fastest growing IP-addressable digital point-of-care company. We have already exceeded our first quarter goals for networks and physicians — and within the first two months of 2013!" said Christopher Culver, president and CEO at Stamford, Conn.-based HMN. "We remain the leader in network diversity and can offer advertisers and brand managers an increased opportunity to reach more consumers at a pivotal time — at the point-of-care."

"As we expand our consumer reach and grow our networks, we bring more opportunities to inform and enrich the time spent in the waiting room," added Gary Henderson, chief revenue officer.

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