De Young Museum Digitizes the Work of David Hockney

January 12, 2016

Several massive video walls were installed as a dramatic centerpiece amid conventional paintings and drawings.

LG Video Wall at World's Second Largest Aquarium

December 22, 2015

The aquarium's goal was to create a digital exhibit to replicate marine life at the entrance of the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and deliver a visual and interactive experience for visitors.

Planar’s SkyPad Draws Visitors into the History and Future of Space Needle

November 20, 2015

The 135-square-foot interactive Clarity Matrix MultiTouch LCD Video Wall showcases the history and evolution of the landmark spire as it provides visitors an opportunity to become part of its future.

Colonial Williamsburg Goes Hi-Tech With Livewire Digital Ticketing Kiosks

August 12, 2015

The interactive kiosks allow guests to buy tickets right at the gates or purchase vouchers online and redeem them at the kiosk.

Technomedia Team Creates A/V Installations for Whitney Museum of American Art

July 16, 2015

The Innovation Brand developed unique A/V Systems, theaters and a digital signage network for the museum’s new location in Manhattan.

Aquarium Video Wall Offers Dynamic Education and Entertainment Platform

June 23, 2015

Looking to upgrade old projection screens, the Georgia Aquarium turned to LG Electronics for two giant, commercial-grade Ultra-HD 4K displays and a stunning high-def video wall display.

The Digital Signage Federation Meet & Greet Event at the Georgia Aquarium

June 22, 2015

Jerry Harris, senior director of exhibit graphics at the Georgia Aquarium, discusses how technology is shaping the future of content delivery.

Installation of the Week: Recreating War with Digital Signage

June 10, 2015

DSE's Attendee Relationship Manager, Tara Grooms, recalls how digital signage was incorporated into the National World War II Museum in New Orleans after a recent visit.

Installation of the Week: One World Observatory Displays Provide Unique Views of NYC

May 29, 2015

From elevator walls to 10-screens rings, the three-story observation deck at One World Trade Center showcases plenty of digital display technology.

Kazakhstan Museum Displays History Through Immersive Video Floor

April 21, 2015

Global Display Solutions developed a unique video floor for the National Museum of Kazakhstan that portrays the city of Astana during various time periods.


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