iSIGN Media Completes Canada-wide Interactive Digital Signage Network

March 29, 2012

iSIGN Media mobile advertising network in Mac's Convenience and Couche-Tard stores to reach over 1.5 million devices per day.

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. announced that it has met its March 15 installation deadline to successfully install its Interactive Marketing Solution (IMS) 3.1 software, which is ready to begin broadcasting live throughout Mac's Convenience Inc. and Couche-Tard Inc. stores across Canada, spanning more than 1,201 locations and shortly to over 1,400 Mac's/Couche-Tard stores, connecting with a minimum of 1.5 million mobile devices every day.

With the mobile advertising network successfully installed, Mac's/Couche-Tard is preparing their broadcasting content so that iSIGN's IMS solution will be able to interact with mobile devices within proximity of Mac's/Couche-Tard stores across the country, sending free of charge and permission-based interactive advertising messages related to specific Mac's/Couche-Tard products and relevant and timely promotions. Representing iSIGN's mobile advertising solution and the "Mac's Goes Mobile" launch will be iSIGN's ambassador Ashleigh McIvor, Canada's Olympic Gold Medalist and Skicross Champion.

Now fully operational, iSIGN's IMS solution will gather real-time shopper audience metrics, enabling advertisers to gather instant information on shopper preferences and behavior, while delivering greater business intelligence and measurable redemption rates to generate ROI at significantly less than the cost of traditional advertising methods. iSIGN sales representative agencies are already presenting the network to advertising agencies.

"Until now iSIGN's IMS solution within Mac's/Couche-Tard's has been 'discovering' - or locating nearby mobile devices via Bluetooth and interacting with more than 812,900 mobile phones per day. But learning customers' habits, needs and shopping desires is only part of what our technology can do," said Alex Romanov, CEO of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada-based iSIGN.

"Once advertising content is delivered through our solution, it can be used to its full potential, helping Mac's/Couche-Tard stores engage with and draw in more consumers who are nearby and primed and ready to purchase. With access to confirmed shopper data and analytics, iSIGN will help Mac's/Couche-Tard and other advertisers paint the most accurate picture of shoppers to date."

Thanks to iSIGN's location-aware technology Mac's/Couche-Tard will be able to engage with potential customers within 300 feet of any Mac's/Couche-Tard location via Bluetooth and eventually Wi-Fi technology, while receiving a wealth of data and shopper metrics. By delivering daily data on an unparalleled scale, Mac's/Couche-Tard can expect a significant return on investment, while engaging with consumers in convenient new ways.


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