Lattice Semiconductor to Debut Real-Time 3-D Video Converter

December 17, 2012

Ay 2-D as well as stereoscopic 3-D video stream can be converted and shown on glasses-free 3-D displays in real time.

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation announced it will demonstrate 3D Impact Media's RealityBox, a low-density LatticeECP3 FPGA-based real-time 3-D video converter.

Using the RealityBox, any 2-D as well as stereoscopic 3-D video stream can be converted and shown on glasses-free 3-D displays in real time, enabling new applications such as broadcasting live events in public venues or digital signage.

The RealityBox hardware is designed to support full 1080p resolution up to 60 frames per second, or 720P up to 120 fps, using an HDMI interface. The video pipeline supports 2-D/S-3-D to S-3-D/AS-3-D conversion, real time playback of 2-D+Z videos and allows disparity analysis of S-3-D input signals. The main building blocks are an input/output scaler, disparity/motion estimator, temporal stability filter, image peaking, contrast, brightness adjustment and a programmable multiview generator. The hardware can be used for barrier and lenticular technology-based glasses-free 3-D displays. All parameters are freely programmable to support different types of 3-D displays, including fractional views. The maximum amount of views that can be generated is 1024.

The high-quality 3-D IM conversion pipeline has an onboard on-screen display that can be customized and includes ticker and image overlay options that can be added to the video stream. Due to its flexible design and low latency, as well as the LatticeECP3 device's low power, the RealityBox can be used in many different 3-D applications, including next-generation gaming machines and in-flight entertainment. In medical applications, the RealityBox can help improve depth perception, allowing for more precise surgical procedures, and in automotive applications it can be used for object recognition and assistance to make driving safer.

3D Impact Media is a provider of embedded solutions and software for glasses-free 3-D applications. 3-D Impact Media offers a complete range of standard and customized products for the creation, conversion and playback of 3-D content for a variety of 3-D applications where performance, cost and quality are of high importance.

Lattice is a service-driven developer of innovative low-cost, low-power programmable design solutions.

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