LeapFrog Interactive Unveils Digital-Out-Of-Home Interactive Marketing Piece

October 11, 2011

LeapFrog Interactive recently unveiled its first DOOH interactive marketing piece for the Hamilton County Public Health WeTHRIVE! Campaign.

LeapFrog Interactive, a digital advertising agency, recently unveiled its first digital-out-of-home (DOOH) interactive marketing piece on Thursday, Oct. 6. The DOOH piece was created for the Hamilton County Public Health WeTHRIVE! Campaign, and debuted in downtown Cincinnati.

The goal of the project was to create an eye-catching display where citizens of Hamilton County, Ohio, can interact and learn about healthy eating options at the same time.

“The DOOH piece is a perfect representation of what LeapFrog Interactive is about: Logic and Magic. The technology and creative components are synchronous. In the planning stages, we studied other digital-out-of-home pieces that have inspired us, and pinpointed why they grabbed the audience’s attention, and how they kept it. Then we applied our findings to determining what the DOOH would do, and what it would look like,” said Alan Gilleo, chief creative + experience officer at LeapFrog Interactive, Louisville, Ky.

“We refrained from using negative imaging because the WeTHRIVE! campaign is positive, vibrant and moving. And with the combination of window clings, bright interactive displays, quizzes and a wall full of messaging, I can say without a doubt this piece is very unique, attention-grabbing and will stop people in downtown Cincinnati,” said Gilleo.

The project began in February 2011 when LeapFrog Interactive’s Architect + Build team began building the technology for the DOOH piece. LeapFrog Interactive created the program, the concept and the design, conducted multiple tests prior to installation, selected the location and planned the press event.

“We worked with the consumer imaging devices like the Microsoft Kinect and LifeCam to bring the digital experiences of your living room to the street. This involved creating a visually and physically interactive experience using modern gaming platforms, computer vision, and machine learning libraries,” said Drew Greenwell, senior interactive developer, LeapFrog Interactive.

“This project represents a growing area of technology and marketing that is really exciting to be a part of. LeapFrog has shown no hesitation in tapping new technologies to provoke thought, enlightenment and delight in our users. This commitment to quality and willingness to push the limits at the same time has really been inspirational and is definitely one of the best parts of being on this team,” said Greenwell.

The DOOH piece is installed in a window storefront where there is ample foot traffic each day. As pedestrians walk by, they can interact with the display. The DOOH piece has two components: On one side, there is a quiz during which the participant chooses the healthier food option; on the other side, scenes from around the city are displayed, with which the participant can interact.

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