Marshall Electronics Releases Next Generation of Small-Format Digital Signs

December 14, 2012

Marshall offers two versions: The DP-1203K with a built-in processor and the DV-1202K monitor.

Marshall Electronics has unveiled its latest commercial/industrial digital room signs, designed to meet the demands of 24/7 operation.

Marshall offers two versions: The DP-1203K with a built-in processor and the DV-1202K monitor.

Marshall's DP-1203K is a 12.1-inch digital sign with a built-in Atom processor with an Intel board. This all-in-one unit eliminates the need for a separate player, saving space and cost. DP-1203K Digital Room Signs are open platform, capable of running most operating systems and content management systems. This compatibility allows the user to customize a solution that works for his or her application.

Marshall's DV-1202K monitor can easily be integrated into an existing digital signage network. The DV-1202K has HDMI and VGA inputs to run content from a variety of external sources. A RS232 control port enables on/off control from any location.

Users have a choice between flush (in wall) mount and surface mount digital signs. The flush mount signs completely hide the wiring within the wall for a seamless look. Surface mount signs mount easily to the wall surface without damage. All mounting hardware is included.

Both the DV and DP units have the following features in common: Consumer industrial grade panel — 50,000-hour half-life; Low-cost user-replaceable protective screen; All-metal secure locking cabinet — theft deterrent; Concealed wiring and controls — tamper-resistant; 6V to 30V DC wide range power input with variable power; and Phoenix power input connector.

Marshall Pro A/V is a division of Marshall Electronics. Marshall Electronics is a leading manufacturer of broadcast LCD monitors, cameras and optical lenses. The precision, hi-tech monitors are used by such major networks as NBC, CNN and ABC. The Pro Audio products include products for professional recording and special microphones for conferencing. The company is based out of El Segundo, Calif., and has offices and engineering facilities in other areas of the U.S. and international locations.

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