Marusic: Parternships are Formed at Digital Signage Expo

February 6, 2013
Article By: Brent Adams

Mike Marusic, senior vice president of the Business Solutions Group at Sharp Electronics Corporation, says the business-to-business sector of his company is growing rapidly, particularly with big-screen technologies.

He said that as viewers get further away from digital screen, it's necessary for digital out-of-home networks to consider larger screens, so they can be viewed, in this nearly 9-minute video interview from DSE 2012.

Marusic said digital signage is not without its challenges. While Sharp has experienced a lot of growth in B2B with digital signage, there is a long sales cycle associated with digital signage — but more his clients have more interest for cost savings than for printed materials.

Marusic added that while hardware is expensive, software partnerships are beneficial, especially with the cost savings. To that end, Sharp aims to take care of its subsidiaries and clients while at DSE. He said that it takes a good mix of different businesses to make a project successful, as "we can't be experts at everything."

Finally, Marusic said the biggest thing — at least in 2012 — was interactivity with digital signage. He spoke of a growing "iPad generation," in that interactivity is what people want. "They don't want to be just told something," he added.

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