Meszaros: More People Discovering Digital Signage at DSE

February 14, 2013
Article By: Brent Adams

Bryan Meszaros, managing director of OpenEye, says one of the things he has enjoyed about Digital Signage Expo over the years is the ability to walk the showroom floor and find something new, to be able to physically touch and interact with new products — unlike anywhere else.

OpenEye, Meszaros explains, is a retail media consultancy. It aims to help retailers better understand usage with digital signage and develop cohesive relationships to enhance customer experience with better messages.

Among the trends Meszaros says he saw at DSE 2012 in this nearly five-minute video are more people discovering digital signage — which he says gives new life to the industry. He also adds that he especially is interested in cross-channel strategies with mobile digital signage experience.

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