MultiTouch Personalizes Digital Signage With MultiTaction Codice

February 20, 2013

Interactive display sends, receives information for bi-directional experience.

MultiTouch Ltd., a world leader of interactive display systems, has debuted its new product, MultiTaction Codice. Personalized for each user in the form of a 2D barcode, Codice allows all digital signage, and other interactive display users, to send content directly to their e-mails just by using their personal 'Codice' marker.

An interactive display can simply read the 2D barcode to show, send and receive information resulting in a highly personalized digital signage experience.

Codice is based on MultiTouch's proprietary Enriched Reality technology and can be printed on any object such as cell phones, tickets, loyalty program cards or visitor badges. They can even be printed at home and used with any Codice-enabled interactive display. By briefly showing the Codice marker to the display, the content shown is automatically sent to the e-mail address that the content owner has assigned to that specific marker. This transaction is also recorded so the content owner has a real-time view of their clients' interests.

"MultiTaction Codice turns digital signage bi-directional," said Timo Korpela, general manager of MultiTouch Americas. "Codice users decide which content is interesting to them and in turn that information is also available to the content owner. Codice markers can also be used to identify the user and present personal or exclusive content which is especially useful if you are a loyalty program member or a season ticket holder. Even the corporate visitors can have Codice markers printed on the backside of their visitor badge."

Each Codice marker is unique and every individual has their own, personal code that is used to send content or to identify the user for personalized and exclusive content. Codice markers are managed by the content owner that can integrate the Codice information into any CRM or loyalty program they are using. The uniqueness of Codice markers is controlled by MultiTouch DRM Server that guarantees that the same code is never in use by more than one person. MultiTouch DRM Server has a capacity for more than 4 billion unique codes.

Compared to the existing methods to interact with digital signage, MultiTaction Codice brings two important improvements:

  • The cost of technology is practically zero. MultiTaction Codice markers can be printed on anything, even at home, and the technology doesn't have to be embedded to the everyday objects like in RFID;
  • Instead of a generic mobile webpages that QR codes launch, MultiTaction Codice is personal and the content owner can identify the user.

The content owners plug into MultiTaction Codice service by purchasing Codice licenses that are added to their existing CRM or loyalty program. Whenever a MultiTaction interactive display detects a Codice marker, the Codice application does an SQL query to the client CRM system and retrieves an e-mail address or other personal information for the Codice marker shown.

While unique MultiTaction Codice markers are controlled by MultiTouch's DRM server, MultiTouch also offers an entry level system that comes free of charge with MultiTaction displays.

"While we believe that Codice license has a tremendous value to its owner," Korpela said. "We also wanted to offer a simple way for anyone to build their own MultiTaction Codice application. The DRM free version supports thousands of non-unique Codice markers that are ideal for local events and businesses. And on top of that, the client can purchase a MultiTaction Enriched Reality Server which it can use to allocate the Codice markers to their clients."

MultiTouch will showcase MultiTaction Codice at Digital Signage Expo 2013, taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth No. 222. Korpela has an on-floor presentation about MultiTaction Codice at 3:30 p.m. Feb. 27.

MultiTouch Ltd. is a leading developer of interactive display systems, based on proprietary software and hardware designs. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with offices in Silicon Valley, New York and Singapore. MultiTouch products are in use in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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