Outcast Media Taps Nielsen IMS for Digital Place-Based Media Planning and Precision Marketing

April 25, 2013

Outcast uses Nielsen research tools to show media buyers how they can expand the reach of their message via video advertising at the pump.

Outcast Media, the largest pump-top digital out-of-home (DOOH) media network, with more than 18,000 screens across more than 118 DMAs, has announced the expansion of its relationship with Nielsen and the release of an Outcast-specific Nielsen IMS model, which enables agencies and brands to quantify the increased reach and efficiency they can achieve by incorporating Outcast into their video investment strategy.

The model will allow agencies to build a custom Outcast media schedule and then incorporate the Outcast media plan into a client's media mix to show the effectiveness of the Outcast medium. Outcast recently ran a media reallocation that demonstrated by shifting 11 percent of Gross Rating Points (GRPs) to its network, an auto insurance advertiser saw a 5 percent increase in reach among A24-54 targets, while saving 5 percent on cost.

This is accomplished by using Nielsen IMS' TeleCume, a national television reach and frequency system, combined with Nielsen 2010 Cume Study data to create a TV plan. The model can then demonstrate how moving some GRPs to the Nielsen IMS model for Outcast in Digital Place Based R&F will increase the overall reach in the Nielsen IMS Media Mix system.

Furthermore, through the Nielsen IMS Crosstab media analytics platform, agencies can delve deeper into the media, product and psychographic behaviors of the Outcast audience to engage with consumers who can be difficult to reach through traditional media channels. According to the company, marketers can now see how Outcast can improve how they engage with "Ungettable" on-the-go consumers when they fill up at the pump.

Outcast said its audience is known as the "Ungettables" and consists of drivers 18 to 54 who travel more than 8,000 miles each year by car and live in the top 25 DMAs. These hard-to-reach consumers spend an average of 4 minutes per fueling session at Outcast's pumps, where they have proven to be highly receptive to news, sports, entertainment and advertising content.

"Nielsen is committed to meeting ongoing measurement needs for the digital video landscape," said Paul Lindstrom, senior vice president, On Location, Nielsen. "The release of the Nielsen IMS model enables Nielsen to help Outcast's brand clients to make smarter media decisions and generate stronger results."

"We are excited to continue to our relationship with Nielsen and expand it with the implementation of IMS," said Nathan Gill, co-founder and chief revenue officer, Outcast Media, Santa Monica, Calif. "With Nielsen IMS, media buyers and planners will see first-hand how Outcast can both improve their reach and be more specific in how they engage with highly targeted audiences, while eliminating the waste often encountered with other mediums."

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