Projection Advertising Gets Heineken Cup Fans Into the Heart of the Action

May 29, 2013

3D video-mapping was used to display mood data as an infographic on a giant purpose-built set in Dublin town center.

U.K. projection specialist Projection Advertising created a 5-by-7.5-meter (16.4-by-24.6-foot) 3D video-mapping installation, known as the Social Tracker, for the Heineken Cup rugby final in Dublin on May 18.

A partnership with London-based, youth-focused, brand strategist Thinkhouse, [] the installation displayed live Twitter activity as an infographic, allowing Heineken Cup fans the opportunity of influencing the projection by tweeting their support for the finalists as part of the "Get in the Game" campaign.

The Social Tracker scanned Twitter for positive and negative sentiment and measured it along with volume and trends before the data was translated in real time to 3D graphics. The image was projection-mapped onto a giant purpose-built set in Dublin town center. Members of the public were able to interact directly with the projection by stepping up to kick "virtual conversions." Each successful kick converted into a tweet of support for a chosen team.

"There have been other occasions when social sentiment has been turned into infographics," said Tom Burch, managing director of London-based Projection Advertising. "But by turning data into 3D video-mapped content, we have leapt way ahead of the game. I'm delighted that Heineken embarked on such an innovative project and that we were able to contribute."

The "Get in the Game" campaign as a whole saw fans engage with Heineken Cup rugby online, on their mobiles and in pubs and venues around the country in the build-up to Ireland's biggest sporting event of the year. According to the company, to date more than 85,000 people have engaged and played "Get in the Game" online.

The 2012–13 Heineken Cup represented the 18th season of the annual rugby union European club competition for clubs from the top six nations in European rugby. Organised by the European Rugby Cup, [] the tournament began with two pool matches on October 12, 2012, and ended with the final at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin on May 18, 2013.

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