Projector Doctor Changes Name to Mendtronix

February 19, 2013

Firm: 'Corporate growth strategy now focuses on generating opportunities within the mobile AV and digital signage segments.'

Projector Doctor, a leader in AV repair and reverse logistics services, announced its rebranding with the new name Mendtronix, Inc., effective immediately. The name change runs in alignment with the company's rapid expansion of service capabilities, going far beyond the traditional projector repair services the former name suggested.

"The name change should be seen as a testament to Mendtronix's size, strength and diversification in the audio-visual industry," said Todd Savitt, Mendtronix's vice president of business development. "Our corporate growth strategy now focuses on generating opportunities within the mobile AV and digital signage segments. We're proud to operate with a robust infrastructure adept for providing customers with truly end-to-end solutions."

"We expect that the industry will see a long-standing yet progressive company with breadth and depth in its portfolio of services and 3PL solutions," said Steve Storr, CEO of Mendtronix. "I'm sure many potential customers will be surprised at the scalability of services offered across emerging product markets. We're excited about the upcoming milestone and providing our customers with the same great service and continued success as we celebrate our 15th year."

The Projector Doctor brand was a successful launch pad for Mendtronix, fueling the company's growth over the last 15 years. By coupling high-quality service with technology, Mendtronix leverages cost-effective solutions to maximize overall client ROI. Mendtronix's major customers include electronics giants such as SMART, JVC, Christie, Hitachi, Eiki, Epson and Infocus. Services range from warranty, out of warranty, full-scale refurbishments, reverse logistics, warehousing and fulfillment.

The company's current structure and operations will remain unchanged. Internal e-mails have adopted the new domain, but old e-mails will continue to be operational.

Mendtronix, Inc. is the leading AV repair, logistics and customer integrated services company, providing turnkey solutions for healthier product lifecycles. Mendtronix is the authorized service center (ASC) for top electronics brands, offering customers a fully integrated 24/7 RMA system, call center, robust data management and real-time reporting.

The company's customer base includes Fortune 500 corporations, national manufacturers, global contract manufacturers, resellers, logistics professionals and large end-users. With a proven track record for scaling quickly and efficiently into new product markets, Mendtronix has built the infrastructure to service a wide range of vertical industries. By leveraging efficient operations and streamlined workflow management, the company reduces operating costs, minimizes waste and optimizes the longevity of electronic product lifecycles.

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