Signagelive, Seneca Offer New Digital Signage Bundle

November 19, 2012

$999 MSRP for three-year digital signage software, hardware, warranty bundle.

Signagelive has announced a partnership with Seneca to deliver bundled digital signage solutions. Signagelive's Display Edition products are ready for purchase immediately by end customers and resellers alike.

The first bundled product, priced at $999 MSRP, includes a three-year Display Edition Signagelive license, a Seneca X4-525 media player and a three-year warranty. End-users can contact Signagelive directly and integrators can contact Seneca to enlist in their reseller program.

The bundled solution features an Intel-powered Windows 7 Embedded media player with 2 GB of memory and 320 GB of internal storage, pre-installed with Signagelive Display Edition software. Customers simply need to order the bundle, unpack the media player, plug it in and enter the six-digit activation code into Signagelive, activating the three-year license. Should hardware replacement be necessary, customers can simply deactivate the existing media player, activate the replacement and it will download and display the appropriate content.

The companies collaborated on optimizing the X4-525 media player to give customers the highest level of functionality for the best possible price. Extensive testing was done to ensure the bundled product stood up to the rigors of long-term deployments and is capable of anything the Display Edition was designed for, including multi-zone content, videowalls, RSS tickers, live video via IPTV and many other functions.

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