Signbox Deploys OPS Digital Signage at Singapore Retailers

November 27, 2012

Digital displays greet visitors to high-end mall.

Prime retail space is in high demand in Singapore, a shopper's paradise, and it is no surprise to find that digital signage for the retail sector is playing a bigger and bigger role in the design of new stores. Due to high retail rents at popular locations, retailers are keen to maximize visibility and traffic at these sites, so efficient and compelling digital signage is critical.

The new wing at Plaza Singapura, a premier shopping mall located on Singapore's world-famous Orchard Road, opened to the public this month. The expansion houses 150 stores, focusing on high-end fashion, accessories and home furnishings. Signbox Microsystems has deployed an OPS digital signage enabled large format 55-inch digital display at the entrance to the new JRunway store which is at the highest foot traffic entrance of the new wing. The screen displays a range of content to entice and attract customers and uses the Signbox signFB module to display a live, real time feed off JRunways popular Facebook page.

JRunway formed a partnership with the 77th Street group of companies in Singapore, led by the popular Elim Chew, with a further 12 stores throughout the island nation. By using OPS technology, a system developed and designed by Intel that allows slot-based media player's to be loaded directly into a screen, retailers can dramatically simplify the IT architecture required to deploy digital signage. Signbox Microsystems have been at the leading edge of this development, having provided digital signage customers from Melbourne to Singapore to the Middle East with the new technology.

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