SkeeTV to Partner With ClearVision Digital Networks at Airports

January 2, 2013

Travelers can enjoy music, lifestyle, technology and fashion content from digital displays.

SkeeTV has joined ClearVision Digital Networks to provide the latest in verge content to airport visitors around the world.

ClearVision is the first real alternative in decades to CNN's news-only airport network. Created through a partnership between Clear Channel Airports and connectiVISION Digital Networks, one of the leading digital media companies, ClearVision provides airports, content partners, and advertisers with an unparalleled ability to reach and engage air travelers — through customized content ranging from local news to top network shows and live events. Airports ultimately will be able to leverage Wi-Fi services to provide travelers accustomed to on-demand content access to the ClearVision network on their smartphones, iPads, and laptops.

"Teaming up with SkeeTV is an absolute enhancement to the overall ClearVision programming strategy as we strive to entertain, inform and educate a world on-the-go," said David Tetreault, chief operating officer at ClearVision. "The eclectic mix of content SkeeTV brings to the table is certain to capture the attention and imagination of busy travelers in airports across the U.S."

ClearVision builds on Clear Channel Outdoor's creative momentum in the digital out-of-home marketplace. The company is an international leader in the development and operation of digital displays and networks with more than 1,600 digital billboards in nearly 30 countries worldwide, including the U.S.

Clear Channel Outdoor is also an industry leader in creating high-profile, one-of-a-kind advertising vehicles (billboards, super signs and special events) in iconic, high-traffic locations that include New York City's Times Square, the Las Vegas Strip and London's Piccadilly Circus.

Helmed by DJ Skee, SkeeTV is the leading verge entertainment network with more than 1 billion impressions to date. SkeeTV produces daily content in the genres of music, tech, fashion, lifestyle and sports.

ClearVision is a transformative out-of-home television broadcaster delivering top-tier entertainment, news and sports programming mix to airports throughout the U.S. ClearVision is a partnership between Clear Channel Airports and connectiVISION Digital Networks and is headquartered in Burbank, Calif. The company's television content strategy provides Fortune 500 brands and advertisers with optimal engagement and consumer interaction.


does content partners receive money to allow to be seen on clearvision or is just for exposure for content providers just curious thank you in advance.Ron


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