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S8 - Digital Signage in Retail - Designing Innovative User Experiences

This session will show how Build-A-Bear Workshop has implemented digital signage to further enhance the hands-on experience of its unique retail concept. The session also will provide an exploration of some modern tools for designing innovative user experiences amid the sea of digital touch points.

S16 - Digital Menu Boards in QSR - Why Now

In this session, an experienced end-user of digital signage in the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) space will share his hard-earned lessons and compelling results after converting to an all-digital solution of indoor and outdoor menu boards. In addition, the operator of a nationwide QSR franchise will address the implications of the new federal nutritional information guidelines on menu board content design.

S24 - Content Strategies for Workplace Digital Signage

This session focuses on the power of visual communication in the workplace, offering specific strategies for engaging employees with content that is fresh, varied, balanced, and most of all, effective at reinforcing critical workplace topics.

S32 - Large Format Video Walls for Airports and Other Venues

This presentation will provide valuable insights into lessons learned and best practices from various video wall installations, including an in-depth review of the 72-screen video wall system at the Port of Columbus International Airport.

Digital Signage in Healthcare - Part 1

Listen to speakers Dean Reverman of Hammond Communications Group, Patricia Mitrano of Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Paul Bleimeyer of Mayo Clinic and MarJean Kennedy of Holzer Clinic in part one of this session from DSE 2011.


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