Spectacular Media, Vantage LED Announce Digital Advertising Platform SM Infinity

November 19, 2012

New package offers ease of use for digital out-of-home network operators.

Spectacular Media has launched a new cloudware platform: SM Infinity. The software resides in the cloud, giving clients the power to control their digital signage display or digital out-of-home network from any Internet-connected platform, regardless of the display manufacturer.

The SM Team collaborated with software engineers at Vantage LED, a U.S.-based LED display manufacturer, to formalize the final overall system design and execution for the initial launch. This premier launch includes three core features: Cloud control, content creation and universal compatibility.


No longer will software reside on clients' computers as most display operating software. SM Infinity is software that resides in the cloud. This allows clients to securely log in from any PC or Apple connected to the Internet to operate their display. The client does not have to worry about installing or updating software ever again. Plus, all the media and schedules for their display is securely stored in the cloud and backed up daily. SM Infinity also allows for multiple permission-based users, so the master account user can assign multiple people to control the display, but still has override capabilities at any stage.


Clients will never have to worry about creating effective content. The Graphics Team behind SM Infinity will provide professionally designed dynamic content aimed at enhancing clients' image with the goal of increasing traffic. Clients simply log in, type in their ideas and submit a media request for still or animated content. The Graphics Team will create the content and put it in the client's queue to be approved and sent to the display automatically.


Typically, digital display manufacturers provide proprietary software for controlling content on their displays. SM Infinity is compatible on any manufacturers' display allowing anyone with a digital display to sign up. Plus, this gives clients with multiple displays made by different manufacturers complete freedom by using one comprehensive software instead of learning or using multiple software platforms.

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