Time Warner Cable Launches Interactive Experience Stores Featuring Digital Signage

May 2, 2013

Reality Interactive powers all digital media aspects related to the in-store interactive experience.

Full-service digital merchandising agency Reality Interactive announced that it is serving as the digital media partner for Time Warner Cable's experience stores launched in more than 14 cities across the nation.

Using digital signage, tablets and hands-on activities, Time Warner Cable experience stores provide customers with dynamic, engaging, interactive digital media experiences and demos in-store , including the following:

  • Passion Focal Wall – High-impact, interactive, two-screen experience with video and dynamic imagery selected by customer via tablet.
  • Learning Bar – Interactive bar with customer-focused tutorials and product demonstrations on a variety of devices.
  • Rep Station – Walk-up station with digital signage display and tablet highlighting relevant offerings to customers during face-to-face contact with Time Warner Cable representatives.
  • Inspired Living Area – Comfortable home seating area with three screens and a tablet for demos of Signature Home and IntelligentHome applications.

"Reality Interactive has been a great partner to work with on this important retail initiative," said Tom Crowell, VP of retail strategies and partnerships at Time Warner Cable, New York. "They bring a very high level of expertise in the creation of compelling, retail-rugged interactive experiences for our customers."

Time Warner Cable has opened stores in New York, California, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas and Wisconsin. Nine more stores will open before the year's end.

The experience stores support Time Warner Cable's mission to "connect people and businesses with information, entertainment and each other [and] give customers control in ways that are simple and easy." Each digital media experience area in the store is designed to engage, entertain and educate customers about the Time Warner Cable services that empower them to Enjoy Better their favorite TV shows, internet sites, or phone conversations.

"Time Warner Cable has so many great offerings and services," said Craig K. Martin, CEO, Reality Interactive, Middletown, Conn. "It's been a pleasure for our team to translate such a great brand story into a compelling digital in-store experience."

The overall store experience is a partnership between architect Ware Malcomb, brand marketing agency FAME, digital merchandising agency Reality Interactive and video production firm Reality Pictures. Reality Interactive contributes content development, infrastructure engineering and design, and remote management for all digital media aspects of the store.

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