Tourism Montérégie's Digital Content Strategy Enriches Visitor Experience

May 23, 2012

Tourism Montérégie's newly deployed digital signage system utilizes content pieces that engage visitors and enhance their perception of the Montérégie region.

Tourism Montérégie, located in the Quartier DIX30 Lifestyle Centre in Brossard, Québec, Canada, wanted to reinvent the traditional concept of the tourism office and showcases how technology, marketing strategies, client service and interior design can be combined into an integrated concept that truly enriches the visitor experience. The space includes 23 screens, seven of which are interactive, positioned in five distinctive zones: Lobby experience, lounge and themes area, local products, hotel and restaurant reservation center, and public spaces (hallway, restrooms). It turned to Arsenal Media to achieve its goals for the digital display's content.

CONTENT/VENUE: Tourism Montérégie, Brossard, Québec, Canada
CONTENT CREATOR: Arsenal Media, Montréal, Québec, Canada
CATEGORY: Hospitality

Here are some of the challenges Arsenal faced:

  • The client wanted to create a unique experience that distinguished the destination from all other concepts in the tourism industry
  • This was a new media for the client and Arsenal had to start from scratch from a strategy, content guidelines and content production perspective
  • The content strategy and production had to be repurposed on multiple platforms, which limited the cost of such intiatives

Solutions included:

  • Arsenal established a methodical planning phase to link the digital network concept with the interior design of the space, the marketing strategy and the client service approach 
  • The team developed a very structured content strategy with clear content guidelines (graphic, technical, editorial) to facilitate management and updates but also to ensure unity throughout the content programming 
  • Arsenal trained internal staff and involved them in the daily production process to ensure long continuity of the network and to efficiently manage budgets and costs 
  • Arsenal closely linked the content strategy to Tourism Montérégie's unique marketing approach, creating targeted zones and experiences 
  • The team integrated the content guidelines and the production workflow with the client in an approach to accelerate/facilitate the multipurpose use of the digital content produced

Results reported by Arsenal:

  • Enriched brand perception by establishing the region as an innovative organization
  • Created internal enthusiasm and staff engagement to a new vision of tourism client service
  • Received excellent feedback from members of the association and government officials
  • Generated unprecedented press coverage for the project (TV, web, radio, publishing)
  • Generated a 300 percent increase in visitor traffic
  • Increased the average dwell time by 60 percent
  • Created new revenue channels for the organization
  • Established a solid base for a long term strategy and a model for future hospitality installations

The project recently won the Gold Hospitality Award in Digital Signage Expo's 2012 Content Awards.

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