Val Morgan Acquires PumpTV, Significant Expansion of Digital Out-Of-Home Footprint

November 19, 2012

Acquisition entails thousands of gasoline pump screens.

Val Morgan announced today it has acquired Pump TV from the founders of the business. Pump TV operates a centrally programmed network of digital advertising panels in key service stations throughout Australia, with more than 800 panels across 100 locations.

Reaching 3.5 million consumers each month, the current Pump TV footprint extends across service stations operated by BP, Caltex and United Petroleum.

The acquisition gives Val Morgan the largest digital out-of-home presence in the Australian market, with almost 2,000 screens across shopping centers, cinema foyers and now service stations.

The acquisition of the business is accompanied by a significant growth program. In the coming months the PumpTV network will expand to 2,000 digital panels across 250 high-volume service stations reaching an audience of more than 8.5 million consumers monthly. This expansion will take Val Morgan’s digital signage footprint to more than 3,000 panels in 500 locations across Australia.


Anyone knows how much did Val Morgen payed for this network?


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