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Standardized End-to-End Digital Signage Solutions

NEC and Intel will discuss end-to-end solutions based on OPS and how the needs for the various Digital Signage verticals are being addressed.

Dell Integrated Digital Signage Solutions

Ravi Sirigineedi, Visual Retail Segment Marketing Manager for Internet of Things Retail Solutions at Intel, and Patrick May, Product Marketing Manager for Commercial Displays and Digital Signage for Dell highlight the role of turnkey digital solutions in propelling the growth of DS deployments. .
Dynamic Digital Environments Webinar

Dynamic Digital Environments: A Global Project Overview

Leslie Gallery-Dilworth explores the range of media technologies transforming architecture, interior design, wayfinding and art.
Cable Clutter, Adieu

Cable Clutter, Adieu

Join HDBaseT Alliance marketing chair Micha Risling as he discusses how HDBaseT solves installation problems and cuts costs for long-distance digital signage applications.

Transportation in the Digital Age Webinar

NEC’s John Sheehan and expert digital signage consultants as they discuss the decisions that transportation market officials must face when jumping on the fast track to the digital age.


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