100 Digital Signage Content Ideas for Almost Any Industry


As a business using digital signage, one of your trickiest tasks is planning ideas for new content to keep displays interesting. Digging through Google can take a lot of time and leave you with generic and overly simplified results. Repurposing old, traditional graphics from flyers and posters doesn’t look modern enough. And, as easy as it is to walk around your neighborhood and check out other businesses’ digital signage content, the content that works for your local pizza place may not necessarily work for you.

Therefore, we at CrownTV have put our brains together and come up with a list of 100 content ideas for digital signage. These ideas are even separated by industry to make it easy to see what types of content will work for your specific business. Looking for a more visual idea list? We’ve created a Slideshare presentation with all this great information, plus additional content mock-ups and inspirations from real businesses!

Any Industry

  1. Inspirational quotes — Check Google, Goodreads or BrainyQuote for quotes. Create graphics out of them using Canva or Word Swag.
  2. Directory
  3. Map of your facility
  4. Operating hours
  5. Upcoming closed holidays
  6. Local weather
  7. Reviews/testimonials
  8. Press — Showcase recent mentions of your business in the press.
  9. Commercials — Show your business’ latest advertisements to reinforce branding.

Internal Communications

  1. Motivational phrases — See Startup Vitamins for inspiration.
  2. Inspirational quotes from your favorite entrepreneurs — Again, see Startup Vitamins.
  3. Reminders
  4. Announcements
  5. Upcoming team events — Happy hours, retreats and other outings
  6. Birthday wishes
  7. Milestones — Point out milestones like reaching a certain number of sales, getting a new round of funding, becoming cash flow-positive, etc.
  8. Company trivia — Interesting facts or history about the company
  9. Anniversaries — Commemorate anniversaries of your company’s start date, first sale, first product release, etc.
  10. Employee spotlights — Profile your employees and help their colleagues get to know them.
  11. Employee achievements
  12. KPI dashboard — A KPI dashboard is an overview of metrics that illustrate your business’ performance. We recommend using Geckoboard to build your dashboard, then displaying the dashboard using your digital signage’s web page app.
  13. Company social media accounts — Display your company’s official social media feeds. It promotes internal marketing and keeps your team updated on what the company is sharing with the world.
  14. Competitors’ social media accounts — An easy way to keep an eye on the competition
  15. Industry or business-related hashtag feed — Display a feed of social media posts related to your business or industry, allowing you to follow trends and “listen” to consumers.
  16. Team photos — Promote a strong company culture by displaying a slideshow of team photos. Include photos of the team bonding both inside and outside of the office.
  17. Industry news — Show an RSS feed of news related to your industry.


  1. Health and wellness tips
  2. Medical news — Use an RSS feed. Here are 10 recommended feeds.
  3. Staff spotlights — Introduce your staff and let patients know they’re in good hands. Include information such as their background, education, training or experience.
  4. Pharmaceutical ads — Advertise pharmaceuticals that your practice offers.
  5. Explanations of procedures — If your practice performs surgeries or other medical procedures, use text, video and/or graphics to explain them.
  6. Before and after photos — If your practice performs cosmetic procedures, use an Instagram feed or regular photo slideshow to showcase before and after comparisons.
  7. Wait times — Let patients know how much time they should expect to wait for their appointment.


  1. Product details — Provide detailed information about products you sell.
  2. Upcoming sales — Everyone loves a good deal.
  3. Trends — Highlight the latest trends using photos or video.
  4. Style tips — Give shoppers some style inspiration.
  5. Fashion shows — Display runway footage from recent fashion shows featuring your brand.
  6. Designer spotlights — If you’re a clothing retailer selling designer items, help shoppers get to know the designer and their work.

Salons & Spas

  1. Services and prices
  2. Product demos — Show video tutorials for how to use hair or beauty products you sell.
  3. Photos of your best work — Display photos of clients rocking their new ‘do.
  4. Stylist spotlights — Introduce your stylists and their work.
  5. Product recommendations
  6. Hairstyling tips — Equip your clients with styling tips so they can look great even after leaving your salon.
  7. Hair care tips — Help your clients achieve their healthiest hair ever.
  8. Clients’ Instagram photos — Tell clients to share photos of their new hair on Instagram using a certain hashtag, then display them using a hashtag feed.


  1. Menu — Display an attractive, colorful digital menu.
  2. Mouthwatering photos of your food
  3. Instagram call-to-action (CTA) Food is a big deal on Instagram. Display a CTA telling customers to share their photos of your food on Instagram, and tell them what hashtag to use.
  4. Instagram hashtag feed — Display a feed of customers’ Instagram photos using the hashtag you specified in the CTA.
  5. Cooking videos — You don’t have to give away any secret recipes, but consider showing short videos of your cooks doing what they do best.
  6. Chef spotlights — Introduce customers to the culinary masters that are behind the food they’re enjoying.
  7. Other locations — If your restaurant is part of a chain, tell customers where else they can find it.
  8. Nutritional information
  9. Allergy information — Let customers know if any of your foods contain common allergens.
  10. Menu item spotlights — Give extra details on menu items that are new or particularly scrumptious.


  1. Hotel bar information — It’s five o’clock somewhere.
  2. Hotel restaurant information
  3. Hotel pool information
  4. Amenities — Make guests aware of amenities your hotel offers, like spa treatments or laundry service.
  5. Nearby attractions — Turn your digital signage into a digital concierge.
  6. Check-in and check-out instructions
  7. Rules — Display your hotel’s most important rules so that staff don’t have to keep repeating them.
  8. Upcoming hotel events
  9. Special event information — If your hotel is hosting an event such as a trade show or convention, provide attendees with the information they need.
  10. Shuttle and transportation information

Real Estate

  1. Property listings
  2. Agent spotlights — Introduce your real estate agents and instill trust.
  3. Promote your firm’s services — Encourage sellers to list their home with your firm.
  4. Open house information — Promote upcoming open houses.
  5. Housing market news — How’s the market? Is it a good time to buy or sell? Use an RSS feed to broadcast the latest housing market news.
  6. Virtual property tours — Use video or slideshows to give virtual tours of properties for sale.


  1. Safety and emergency precautions — Safety is important on school campuses. Let students know where to get help and how to follow emergency procedures.
  2. Faculty and administrator spotlights — Help students get to know their teachers and campus staff.
  3. Student spotlights — Highlight students who’ve gone above and beyond.
  4. Upcoming events
  5. Student groups — Help students get involved by showing them what kinds of groups and clubs they can join on campus.
  6. Amenities — Make students and visitors aware of campus amenities like restaurants, fitness centers, museums, etc.
  7. Construction notices — School campuses are notorious for being constantly under construction. Give students and visitors a heads up.
  8. News mentions — Make students proud by highlighting positive mentions of their school in the news.
  9. Important deadlines — An academic year revolves around deadlines. Do students a favor and remind them of important deadlines.
  10. Promotional material — Show prospective students and their parents why they should attend your school.
  11. Alumni spotlights — Show off the successes of former students.
  12. Athletic achievements — Instill school spirit and pride by highlighting the school’s achievements in athletics, historical or recent.
  13. School trivia — Share history and interesting facts about the school.
  14. Campus job openings — Include job descriptions and instructions for applying.
  15. Resources — Inform students of useful resources such as the school’s online portal, libraries, tutoring, etc.


  1. Seasonal graphics Find some here
  2. Holiday greetings — Create and display attractive graphics wishing viewers a happy holiday.
  3. Yule log — Download a video of a burning yule log and display it on your digital signage, turning it into a virtual fireplace.

Fitness Centers

  1. Fitness tips
  2. Rules and etiquette — Provide friendly reminders of your fitness center’s rules and etiquette and ensure it runs smoothly.
  3. Class schedule
  4. “Fitspiration” — Fitspiration or “fitspo” is inspiring fitness-related content. Search Pinterest for examples.
  5. Product promotion — If your fitness center sells products or partners with brands, advertise them on your digital screens.


  1. Finance tips
  2. Advertise products and services — Tell customers about financial products and services you offer.
  3. Currency exchange rates
  4. Financial or economic news — Use an RSS feed or social media.

CrownTV’s dashboard allows you to display any and all of these content ideas. Our design team can even create custom-branded templates for your use. Request a demo to speak with a digital signage specialist and see the dashboard in action!





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