14 Unique Digital Experiences at Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas


Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) provides an ideal environment for digital. With 14 unique digital experiences, and multiple instances of each in the 560,000-square-foot retail space, the digitally enabled customer journey starts immediately. The variety of passive and interactive experiences were carefully designed to deliver an in-store customer experience like no other.

Nominating Company: Reflect, Dallas, Texas
Venue: Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas, The Colony, Texas
Project: NFM Wayfinding Solution
Category: Retail

The rich variety of passive and interactive experiences were carefully laid out and designed to deliver an in-store customer experience like no other. The mix of interactive, experiential and informational passive systems were carefully structured to make sure shoppers are informed, interested and educated about the brand, the store and products.

There were a wide variety of new experiences being installed and activated at one time. Proper integration required Reflect to work closely with NFM to pre-validate and test several new technologies prior to the store launch to ensure all experiences would be up and running as designed for the opening. Because the store was opened to large crowds as the experiences were launched, there was no room for error on the installation and deployment schedules. Reflect was able to build construction and software integration plans in advance of the opening and successfully coordinated the installation, connection, on-site testing and launch of all systems by carefully tracking all details of each new experience.

Custom Wayfinding
To help customers find their way to the products they want in the immense Texas location.

Custom Retail Application
Reflect worked with Nebraska Furniture Mart to develop a custom retail application that resides on 42-inch touch displays located on columns throughout the first and second floor of the store. There are 17 touchscreens in total. This interactive application helps customers locate specific items of inventory in the store, no matter how frequently they are moved.

Interactive Branded Applications
Reflect installed several 42-inch touch sensitive displays in the KitchenAid shop and appliance area of the megastore.

Credit and Registry Kiosks
Reflect installed and runs 20 gift registry and credit application kiosks throughout the store. Experiential digital includes 3 x 3 video wall, mosaic video wall consisting of (27) 22-inch tiles, 4K display, TV sales wall, several 1×3 video walls, sales floor displays and home theater seating displays TreeHouse.

NFM focused on enhancing the shopper experience with interactive digital technologies throughout the entire journey, including:
• Customer experience elements designed for an immense scale
• Messaging and content to communicate brand heritage and values, timely information and relevance to the in-store experience
• Digital wayfinding and store directories
• Interactive experiences allowing customers to find departments and products quickly and easily
• Visual merchandising elements redressed daily to create an ever-changing and fresh store experience
• In-store interactive applications are seen and used by thousands of people on a daily basis.

NFM focused on enhancing the shopper experience through interactivity and personalization. Designed to scale, Reflect has ensured NFM’s ability to take these digital experiences to their other stores. Together, NFM and Reflect have successfully merged the physical and digital worlds to create an unmatched retail experience that is sure to delight customers.

Reflect was nominated for a DSE 2016 APEX Award in the Retail category. Premier Mounts worked as a partner on the project.

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