3 Booths You May Have Missed at DSE 2016


When attending Digital Signage Expo, it’s so easy to have your attention monopolized by the stunning digital signage and display technologies at juggernaut booths near the main entrance. That’s why we’re highlighting a few of the amazing product offerings you may have missed in smaller booths. Check out the three standouts below, all of which made the trip to the Las Vegas Convention Center from outside the U.S.

Solus Robots

As we enter the robot age, The Ontario-based Solus Robots (FTE) is poised to dominate with its affordable and easy-to-use automata designed for customer service, loss prevention and advertising with facial recognition.

Solus Robots pic-newDSCThe Solus Robot in attendance, which President and Owner Jeff Zajac likes to describe as “advertising digital signage on wheels,” features a 32-inch screen in the facial area that is actually a telepresence device. This allows for interaction with an animation robot or a live person or even for streaming content. The robots can follow you around and shake your hand, and one operator can actually control eight robots at one time from a remote location.

“Coming to a show like this is exactly where we want to be because we’re looking for people that are forward-thinking,” Zajac said.


Dimenco (Booth 2037), headquartered in the Netherlands and recently acquired by Chinese company KPX, got its own booth at DSE this year for the first time and brought tons of onlookers in off the show floor to marvel at its 3D displays featuring Porsche advertisements and African safari animals that seem to poke into reality via the z-axis.

Dimenco image1-newDSCThe company’s four founders, Maarten Tobias, Jan van der Horst, Pieter de Jong and Bas Böggemann, have all worked together at a former venture of Philips that focused on 3D, and the technology consists of a lenticular panel that creates the same effect as 3D glasses in a movie theater setting, hence the tagline “No-glasses 3D.”

There are countless applications for this eye-popping technology, but as Vice President of North American Business Development Cynthia Goodman explained, the obvious ones are retail, healthcare and Vegas’ own gaming industry.


Realfiction pic-new DSCThis Danish company out of Copenhagen returned to DSE for their second year with more real-world 3D holographic systems for brand and event marketing. While Realfiction’s displays are naturally smaller than most, the movement and colors associated with everything from e-cigarette vapors to Star Wars reenactments always manage to impress. The main attraction at this year’s Realfiction booth (Booth 440) was the holographic displays for Altec Lansing’s Bluetooth speaker systems, which just got rolled out to more than 600 Best Buy locations across the U.S.

“We’re actually in the business of magic,” said Global Sales Director Michael Bjerregaard. “We make you stop and wonder, and being here [at DSE 2016]  is so rewarding and a confirmation that what we do here is the right thing.”

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