3 Ways Augmented Reality Is Improving Business


Augmented reality is the unique process of taking an image and actively layering it over an existing surface in real time. Augmented reality technology is still new enough to entice consumers at the outset, even with the plethora of apps now out there at their fingertips

Here are three ways in which augmented reality is changing business:

  1. Engage customers in novel ways

The implications of augmented reality have not been fully realized as of yet, but the tech is slowly becoming ubiquitous in the world of business. One of the ways in which businesses are taking advantage is by layering their products in your living space.

Ikea was an early adopter of business augmented reality by releasing an app in which a user could place an item from Ikea’s catalog in their home. This kind of app creates a bond with the user and allows them to preview things that they were once incapable of logically previewing in their space.

The ability for a company to give the customer something that feels tangible without having to sacrifice product is a kind of mutually beneficial relationship that will only create bonds with a specific brand.

The way a company could potentially involve themselves with their consumers, or potential consumers, is enough to make the introduction of augmented reality into the business world an exciting proposition.

  1. Design and develop products with your smartphone

Imagine a world in which a small company has an incredible idea for an expensive product but doesn’t have enough capital resources to create and test a prototype.

Maybe a construction foreman would like to see what a certain door will look like in a specific space, but he doesn’t have the resources or time to see it. Well, with augmented reality, they can.

In the virtual space, they can interact and place a product in their physical space without being lost to fully covered headsets like in virtual reality.

Applications in construction, architecture, and design prototyping could be radically transformed from widely available augmented reality apps. Construction workers could plop down designs with just a smartphone. An architect could visualize designs in a physical space with a few parameters plugged into an augmented reality Android app.

In augmented reality, you can test and visualize a potential product while being able to hold a meeting simultaneously. Augmented reality apps are always being developed to take full advantage of the current hardware and push it further for the benefit of individuals and businesses.

The ability for businesses with augmented reality to test and implement products without the cost could revolutionize how, and to what scale, products are created.

  1. Collaborate with co-workers with augmented reality apps

Augmented reality gives something unique to the workspace as well, which is the ability to hold meetings and work uniformly with co-workers around the world.

This could have endless repercussions in a positive way. Show potential clients how an expertly developed product will look in their space while being there with them or collaborating with someone halfway around the world without losing the ability to interact.

This transforms the idea of what a client or employee is and suspends the need for offices as interactions can be had anywhere at any time.

Even being able to train new employees or showcase new innovations with augmented reality takes a huge burden off of a time-sensitive and labor-demanding task.

Between collaborating with employees and training them, the intervention of augmented reality will make everyday business tasks cost-effective and less demanding.


The mechanics of augmented reality tech are still science fiction, and it is improving every day, seemingly with applications being developed consistently. This has been used popularly for video games on smartphones and imagining furniture in living spaces, but what about the implications of the technology itself?

As the world turns and shifts towards a new and wondrous future, we have to make sure that we, as a people, stay informed about innovations as they come. Augmented reality is one such change that should be watched carefully.

Before we know it, augmented reality will become how businesses interact with us and each other. AR is already changing the way companies do business, and it is slowly becoming ubiquitous. Augmented reality has a bright future in the world of business and will revolutionize how we interact with the world.

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