3D Projection Mapping on Glass Icicle Sculptures


For the 2015 holiday season, Barneys New York worked with Dale Chihuly and Christie 360 to create the Winter Brilliance holiday window display, featuring 3D projection mapping on glass icicle sculptures.

Nominating Company: Christie, Cypress, California
Venue: Barneys Chihuly New York 2015 holiday window display, New York, New York
Project: Barneys Chihuly New York 2015 holiday window display
Category: Retail

For the 2015 holiday season, Barneys was interested in the aesthetic of ice and light in their Chillin’ Out campaign. Because of his work in creating icicle-like sculptures out of glass, Barneys reached out to globally-renowned artist Dale Chihuly to create glass art in the form of star-like clusters of icicles for their famous holiday window display. The resulting display was called Winter Brilliance, evoking the dazzling, crystalline beauty of nature’s frozen creations.

To bring the glass to digital life, Barneys looked to Christie for the technology, strategy and projection mapping of textures and colors onto the surfaces of the glass sculptures. Due to its innate reflective property, glass is a difficult canvas on which to project. The Christie 360 team faced the added complexity of ambient light conditions during the day, as well as syncing the movement of the projected light with music from Claude Debussy’s La Mer, streamed by Tidal. All this had to be done in the very tight space of the window display.

For tight space, we chose seven Christie DXG1051-Q projectors because of their high brightness and stellar image quality in a quiet, compact package. Coupled with the Christie ultrashort throw lens with a 0.38:1 throw ratio, the projectors delivered flawless visuals in the space and were shrouded, adding a sense of wonder. Christie Pandora’s Box gave the team freedom to arrange the digital content with precision and also to synchronize the audio and video sources. Christie 360 tested virtual models in the lab first to visualize how the projected light would react with the glass—different textures, colors, content, rhythms, etc. This allowed us to verify what would work best and create a good relationship with the Chihuly team.

“In the end, the glass decided how it needed to be worked with, and we learned how to speak the language of the glass,” said Christie 360 Art Director Pierre Del Duchetto.

3D Projection Mapping on Glass Icicle Sculptures RESULTS
Teams representing Barneys, Dale Chihuly and Christie 360 collaborated, translating their collective artistic vision into a sophisticated fusion of digital light and glass art to captivate Barneys visitors.

Barneys New York
Dale Chihuly
Music streaming by Tidal

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