55-Inch Interactive Terminal Makes St. Jerome’s Cathedral Accessible to Young and Old Alike


Built in 1897, St. Jerome’s Cathedral in Saint-Jerome, Quebec has a museum honoring Cure Labelle, but continues to look for new ways to engage parishioners in this technological era. The mandate for Stingray Business was to develop compelling educational content for display on an interactive terminal and on a screen at the Cathedral entrance.

Nominating Company: Stingray Business, Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada
Venue: Diocese de St-Jerome, Quebec, Canada
Project: Interactive and educational terminal at Cathedral entrance
Category: Public Spaces

Stingray installed a 55-inch interactive terminal as well as a 55-inch LCD screen to broadcast video content. These elements integrate perfectly with the surroundings and are frequently used by people who visit the Cathedral. The goal of these digital tools is to educate and inform parishioners using the latest technology.

The biggest challenge was to define and shape the loads of content available into a simple concept that would be easy to understand. The Catholic religion is a complex topic that is not easily encapsulated for an interactive terminal, so we had to have several meetings with our (very conservative) client to steer them towards more simplified ideas that anyone could grasp. The interactive concept would be shared with a broad public, so subject matter had to be accessible to a wide variety of people.

We proposed a very user-friendly glossary that could help a variety of users better understand the meaning of numerous religious terms. We also opted for videos that could helpfully describe the cornerstones of Catholicism such as prayer, mass, confession, etc. We also recommended a very simple approach to ensure that young and old alike would better understand those texts and religious concepts that are generally harder to explain.

The results were outstanding, and the users were very receptive to the content. Parishioners are often spotted consulting the interactive terminal and informative screen before and after mass to learn more about what they just experienced or about Catholicism in general. We are already discussing phase two of the project, which will enable parishioners to pay into the collection electronically and install a wall of screens for live broadcasting.

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