560 McDonald’s Locations Get Satellite TV and DS Solution


Mood TV for QSR deployed at more than 560 McDonald’s locations in the Los Angeles area, using a satellite delivery network. This hybrid television and digital signage solution displays short-form television programming inside of a McDonald’s branded L-Wrap including news, Twitter feeds, promotional images and more.

Nominating Company: Mood Media, Fort Mill, South Carolina
Venue: McDonalds LA Co-Op, Camarillo, California
Project: Mood TV at 560 McDonald’s locations
Category: Food & Beverage

Striving to remain consistent with McDonald’s leading role in the QSR industry, the Co-Op sought to revolutionize their restaurant experience with Mood TV for QSR. The McDonald’s franchisee wanted to entertain their guests with family friendly content and self-advertise while eliminating competitor ads. The Co-Op also requested the ability to have full regional control over content. Mood enabled this feature through a unique satellite delivery network.

Video content and ads are broadcasted via the AMC1 Satellite and downloaded via the Encompass SR media player. The content is then delivered to the MVision media player, enabling the store to play the McDonald’s Network Visuals/Ads on a NEC brand television. A router is also used to help communicate the signal between the Encompass SR and the MVision media player.

Before contacting Mood, Co-Op’s previous television provider went out of business, leaving more than 560 McDonald’s locations with dark screens. Co-Op needed an immediate and reliable solution and reached out to Mood in hopes of fulfilling this urgent need.

Before their previous provider went out of business, Co-Op had no control over TV content, and was also left with competitive advertisements and inappropriate content for their family friendly clientele. Lastly, Co-Op wanted a solution that was compatible with their existing satellite infrastructure so that they wouldn’t have to invest in additional network equipment.

With screens and satellite systems already in place, Mood’s expert team of visual designers worked quickly to create a base template for exclusive use at Co-Op’s McDonald’s locations. Mood implemented an MVision player and an Encompass SR (satellite receiver) to work with the satellites at each Co-Op location, providing seamless delivery of content across a large network of more than 560 McDonald’s restaurants in Southern California. All content is pre-screened by Mood for family friendly appropriateness, and competitor ads are removed before content is displayed.

Co-Op was immediately satisfied with the results of their McDonald’s television network through Mood TV for QSR. By implementing the Encompass SR, Mood was able to fulfill Co-Op’s visual needs through the existing satellite infrastructure. Not only does this visual solution allow McDonalds and its ad providers to make additional revenue off of ad sales but it provides the family friendly entertainment they requested while eliminating competitor ads.

Mood Media was nominated for a DSE 2016 APEX Award in the Immersive Environments category.


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