7 Ways Augmented Reality Can Transform Your Customer Experience


Augmented reality is one of the most exciting tech developments in recent years. The ability to add digital information to the real world has reshaped industries. For firms in many niches, AR could be pivotal in transforming the customer experience. Below are seven ways that AR can improve interactions at each stage of the customer journey:

Staff Training & Education

The first step in delivering superior customer experiences is having a well-trained workforce. AR gives you a powerful tool for staff education. Imagine your firm sells complicated products or uses a cutting-edge UCaaS platform. It could take days or even weeks to get a new team member up to speed.

AR can cut down on training time significantly and help your new employees do most of the work themselves. With an intelligent AR app, they could point their smartphone at a product and see all its features. In the same way, they could view instructions and advice in real time as they use your UC platform.    

Aiding Customer Decisions

AR has vast potential in retail. The tech is already in use in many areas to help customers make purchase decisions. The best example is the IKEA Place app that the Swedish furniture giants offer to customers.

That app uses AR to allow customers to virtually place furniture in their homes. They can see if different items match their décor and test potential locations. That enhances the customer experience and helps IKEA to convert more prospects into customers. 

Fun, Informative Marketing

Whatever you sell, marketing is about connecting with potential customers. AR can help you do this by allowing you to create fun and interactive experiences in your marketing. Some major firms have explored the potential of AR in this area, via interactive packaging.

Take, for instance, a recent marketing campaign by Lucozade Energy. The drink company teamed up with music stars to create short marketing videos. Those videos got played when customers scanned a Lucozade bottle via an AR app.   

Try Before You Buy

Many products and services are hard to judge pre-purchase. A great way to improve the customer experience is to give people a more definite idea of such products before they buy. AR is already making a splash in this regard.

‘Try before you buy’ AR apps are getting more commonplace in the fashion and beauty niches. They let consumers virtually try on clothes or test out cosmetics. That helps them find the right product and boosts customer satisfaction.   

Immersive Experiences

AR for customer-facing brands isn’t all about converting prospects. It’s also an excellent tool for creating immersive experiences for consumers. That’s both while they’re buying and while they’re using products.

Stores or locations can get transformed by AR. Useful product info or fun visuals liven up a retail experience for anyone with a smartphone. AR can also bring magazines or books even more to life, especially for younger readers.    

Next-Level Tech Assistance

Remote tech support can often be frustrating for consumers. When something goes wrong with a product, explaining the fault over the phone can be tough. For an agent, describing the fix is equally tricky. At present, their best option may be to transfer a caller to an expert via their hosted PBX system.  

AR gives advisors and callers a whole new option. The customer can hold up their phone to the product and see component names. That helps them accurately describe their problem. It also makes it simpler to take the action needed to fix it.   

DIY Customer Support

In some cases, AR can even entirely replace the traditional customer service process. Support apps driven by AR make it simpler for consumers to find answers themselves. 

They give customers access to FAQs and other info when they point a device at the relevant product. AR user manualshelp customers maintain and repair their own products as well. This application of AR is particularly popular in the motor industry

AR Powers More Personal & Satisfying Customer Experiences

Customer experience is about providing great interactions at every touchpoint. It means delighting customers each time they come into contact with your company, firm, product or service. AR has a multitude of applications that help do precisely that. From marketing and sales to training and post-sale support, AR transforms the customer experience. 

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