9-Screen LED Installation Establishes 1460 Broadway as Southern Gateway to Times Square


1460 Broadway, also known as 8 Times Square, is located at the intersection of West 41st Street and Broadway in New York City. 1460 Broadway’s new nine-screen LED display installation was created as part of a major building renovation and serves as an important promotional and branding tool for lead retail tenant Foot Locker. With elements that rise more than 14 stories, the installation also establishes the building as the southern gateway to Times Square.

Nominating Company: Sensory Interactive, Baltimore, Maryland
Venue: 1460 Broadway, New York, New York
Project: 1460 Broadway’s nine-screen LED display installation
Category: Venues & Public Spaces

As part of a major renovation of 1460 Broadway in New York’s Times Square, developer Meringhoff Properties wanted to use digital signage to help it land a flagship retail tenant and enhance the building’s presence in Time Square’s valuable retail and advertising environment. Meringoff turned to Sensory Interactive to help conceive, plan and design a digital signage program that would deliver maximum value. Sensory Interactive then worked with Meringoff to select Sansi North America (SNA) as the firm best suited for the system’s highly demanding fabrication and installation requirements.

The project included a number of unique challenges related both to its physical form and to the financial and business issues surrounding such a significant investment by the owner. The building’s corner location and multiple sightlines offered a wide range of configuration options, which each needed to be carefully evaluated for their impact on cost, revenue and the building’s architectural design. Because the upper floors of 1460 Broadway are occupied by office tenants, the team also needed to consider the system’s impact on views from inside the building. The eventual height of some of the components also required that special consideration be given to the future maintenance and repair of the displays. And as with all Times Square projects, the team needed to work within the constraints of the district’s strict code
requirements and challenging construction environment.

foot locker in Times SquareSOLUTIONS
To address the project’s financial and business challenges, Sensory Interactive began the engagement by using its knowledge of the Times Square media market to evaluate the potential revenue and corresponding ROI for a diverse range of possible sizes, quantities, placements and orientations for the displays. The Sensory Interactive team also used its media sales expertise to assist Meringoff in securing Foot Locker as a long-term sponsor for the displays. To address the opportunities presented by the building’s high-profile location, SNA fabricated and installed nine individual LED screens. These screens are configured as two three-sided blade signs, a V-shaped corner wrap and a tenant sign band. To address concerns related to heat and tenant visibility, the LED blades utilize S|ThruMedia stick technology on the street-facing displays. The blade elements also include an interior catwalk system that facilitates maintenance on the portions too high to be reached by a service vehicle.

By taking a comprehensive and fully coordinated consulting approach to the planning and development of 1460 Broadway’s digital media platform, Sensory Interactive was able to create a display installation that maximizes value for the owner, while also minimizing the owner’s financial risk throughout the process. As a result of this planning and design effort – along with the leading-edge display technology manufactured and installed by SNA – Meringoff Properties landed an important flagship tenant and a significant source of new revenue. Also, the building now enjoys a significantly enhanced profile as one of the major gateways to the Times Square district.

Sansi North America (LED Displays)
North Shore Neon (LED Display Installation)
Scott Lewis (Structural Engineering)

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